The adforums are back. You're welcome.


The adforums are back. You're welcome.

Hey all.

Oi, was that ever a headache. I cleaned out the old forums, which went all the way back to the year 2k, and deleted all posts that had no replies, god knows how many anon posts, all posts that for whatever reason didn't 'click' properly into place in the phpbb database (we had a few versions of that stuff going on and some posts were just weird) - by hand and then I migrated it all into drupal instead.

Some posts are a little backwards, all replies made by me on older posts (in order to make them appear) are tagged as if anonymous sent them but these are quirks I'm gonna live with. You asked for the forums back so I got them back (Jonas, Martin, Peter, Roger - I'm looking at you). Less dead threads than before but yaknow, they're back. Besides who needs old posts from 2k anyway?

I did it all that way as old posts where people were looking for an actors name in a commercial, a songs name in a commercial etc and got replies are pretty useful bits of data, in case someone else is also looking. So go ahead kids, knock yourselves out by posting in the new adforums.

Another bit of good news. Super adgrunts can upload and post (to the front page) their own "stories" (that's a front page post). Which means that super adgrunts can add their own commercials to the collection - or any other ad they did if they fancy.

Just a test ride to see how that goes, since it's unmoderated.

Yeah yeah, I'll get the FAQ up asap. ;)


Hail to the Queen, baby! :)

*takes a bow* Thanks.

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