Adgrunts, reccommend books & films to each other.


Adgrunts, reccommend books & films to each other.

It's been brought to my attention that I missed more than one film in my eleven advertising films quick review, which kind of figures since I haven't seen every film out there yet. This seems to an ideal time to open up the postings of book recommendations to all adgrunts and reward you who review anything with 20 brownie points each time. It doesn't matter if you loved it or hated it - you can rate the film/book as well, in fact you might save us some money if you thought it was terrible! With the holidays coming up, lets help each other out here with gift-ideas! Inside is how to do it.

First, go to post something! and select amazon. Then you'll get a form which looks like this:

You'll need to name your review - this does not have to involve the title of the book or film unless you want it to. Then you'll need the ASIN #, that is Amazon Standard Identification Number and which you can most often find in the URL locator bar (see image).

Adding this makes the database import the title, book cover, authors name and price to your post without you having to do all that. Neat huh?

Rate the book the way you see fit and spend a moment writing a review - like I did here - but I've often taken excerpts from the book that I think are valuable since I'm one of those people who likes to look at a book before I buy it. Then make sure you choose "advertising books", this makes the post end up on the advertising books page.

The post will also end up on the front page, where all adgrunts can view and comment on it.

There's a wee catch, a tiny one really. You'll have to write more than 100 words. This might sound like lot but it's nothing really, the paragraph before the jump in this article (which ends with Inside is how to do it.) is 113 words and 597 chars. It's just to prevent people from adding useless review like "this book sucks". Elaborate!


Okay, before someone reviews Janet & John or Noddy, is this just for reviewing advertising-related books or can it be any book?

Good point, I was hoping advertising related. I will be a total fascist and delete those that are not. ;P

Ad related books (and films) its pretty big area still, there are type, design, color theory, advertising strategy, viral, marketing handbooks as well as consumer psychology and straight up ad guru memoirs you know. There's so many, we should start separating the good from the bad.

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