AdHack Valentine's Day commercial.


AdHack Valentine's Day commercial.


AdHack a "DIY advertising community" who probably have no idea how apt their name is, have created this chocolate love ad for Valentines day which gets extra goooeeeey at the end. Man that's perverse. ;)

What is AdHack? About them explains:

AdHack is all about real people telling real stories about their real experiences. No focus groups, no research, no target audience, just the real deal.
It's advertising, hacked. Advertising by the people, for the people. Do-it-yourself advertising. Anyone can see it, anyone can make it.
From huge international products like iPods, Hondas and Carnival Cruises to the cobbler around the corner, the butcher up the street or the boutique downtown, find our what people are saying. What people really feel. What they love and what they hate. Hack Advertising. Do it yourself.



A Mr. Svankmajer from Prague writes:

"Where's my acknowledgements?"

Well, Svankmajer's Meat Love comes to mind (it's on Youtube). Very topical for Valentine's Day.

svankmajer + valentine's day = love.

So cool, thanks for posting about AdHack.

There are a couple of other ads we created that aren't as racy. More sexy than racy.

I'm rather alarmed at the Meat Love!

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