Adidas Impossible game commercial released


Adgrunts, we showed you the posters the other day when we wrote about the Adidas new campaign centers on impossible game, and now we're happy to show you the commercial too. The 60-second advert starring Ballack, Raúl, Defoe, Kaká and Saviola is available right here for super adgrunts. In it the footie heroes play on a field that is only the white lines on the grass, suspended in nothing. Step out of line and you fall off the map into the black void!

"In this commercial we’re taking football to a different level. The field has been raised and we play on an elevated field. We have to do so without falling, and of course we have to keep the ball all the time. During the shoot you can’t help but wonder how the commercial is going to look in the end. But after seeing the final version, all I can say is that it’s just amazing to see how it all came together," says David Beckham, one of the star players featuring in the commercial.

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  • silver3's picture

    It's got a nice "Tron" quality to it.

    Jul 08, 2005
  • James_Trickery's picture

    The best part of the commercial was the sound if you ask me. Metal to metal, sounded like a sword-fight.

    Jul 08, 2005

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