Adidas new campaign depicts the dream team


Adidas announces the launch of its global football advertising campaign "Impossible Team" for the 2006 FIFA World Cup™ in Germany featuring the world's best footballers from the past and present.
Ivan Zacharias, directed both of the the two 60-second films "Equipo" and "Partido" where two Spanish boys are playing make-believe football with their favorite players. Except in this case the players actually turn up.
"The adidas commercial for the FIFA World Cup™ is based on our own childhood memory. In fact I think it’s the same for every little kid nowadays. After watching a football game, we used to run outside, recreate our own teams and re-play the match we had just seen. We tried to make every little kid's dream come alive - getting to pick your own team and being able to choose from the world’s biggest football stars!" commented 180’s co-executive creative director Andy Fackrell.

Stink Productions, London handled the shooting of the creative team Lee Hempstock, Chris Landy, Andy Fackrell and Richard Bullock's dream films.

The ads are here in the archive: Equipo and Partido.

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    It seems like soccer (football) and basketball commercials trump other sports.

    Apr 04, 2006

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