Adidas Presents Take The Stage: all 2012 (U.K.)

Hip hop star points to youth and says "you're up next." Basically it's every chav's wet dream.

adidas via Montreal's Sid Lee, makes a big splash for the U.K. in a hyper-edited star-studded tour of London with Wretch 32 as our guide. Along the way we see the U.K. adi-ambassadors. On the music side it's Caspa, Wretch, Devlin, Example. For sport it's Tom Daley, gymnast Louis Smith, cyclist Victoria Pendleton, Beckham (reading the Sun, no less) and Derrick Rose.

Wait, Derrick Rose? For the U.K.?

From what i gather, the idea of the spot is, if you just do your thing then the world will take notice. So Rose must therefore represent The Rest Of The World.

This spot's got all the familiar adidas themes: Inspiring peeps looking cool. Display of talents and skills. Plenty o' product shots. Oh, and parties. This time on a bus and on a rooftop. Oh and there's also someone shooting out of a cannon.

The spot is tied in to a promotion called Take The Stage challenge. Headed up by Kevin Pietersen (for those in the rest of the world, he plays cricket) and comedian Keith Lemon.
The challenge will give those lucky U.K. kids a chance to meet and collaborate with like-minded adidas ambassadors.

Photographers might get to photograph Becks (Hint: we've already seen 'em in his underwear. You might try something different.) Ballers might meet D-Rose in person. And if you've got mad rhyme skills, well you might just open for a rapper.

It's like The Make A Wish Foundation for thirty-two Brick Lane hipsters.

Why thirty-two? Well, duh. The banging track for this spot was provided courtesy of Wretch 32.
He is the Dane Cook of U.K. hip-hop.

How else could one explain this rhyme?

"See I was hardly the man – and now my Facebook’s got an army of fans."

Way to dream big.

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