Adidas scooter gang spotted in Paris


Adidas scooter gang spotted in Paris


Shoes up reports spotting a bunch of scooter riding, Adidas sporting, road to Lisbon types driving through Paris last week, dressed in french colors and with special blue vespas. The group stopped in different spots of the city and did tricks with footballs before moving on.


We also have an Adidas scooterama gang going up and down the streets of Lisbon :) me reckons they (Adidas) were quite smart/effective on what concerns the use of alternative media. They've also have smart-phobe boxes all around the town (with a ball shape and with 'Road to Lisbon' images/motives). Will try to get some pics with my digicam and send u guys!!

Sounds cool - shame they haven't done it in Scandinavia yet (we're still in the game, dangit!;)) - hope you get some pics!

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