AdKeeper - for when you want to save those blinking banner ads for later.

This might just be the sign the bubble is about to burst, or these guys are geniuses and have identified a market I never knew existed, the people who want to check out banner ad offerings later-niche. I know the clients will think this is a swell idea, oh, I get it, that's their market. Well played, Keeper. Apart from the name. Makes me think of the keeper and you really don't want to be associated with that.....

Jesting aside, someone will find this very useful, I'm sure: Welcome to AdKeeper and a brave new world.

AdKeeper is as simple as a Keep Button™ on every ad and a Keeper™ to put them in. That's where you are now, your Keeper. Your Keeper is private and will be filled with only ads of interest to you.