Adland April Fools jokes (so far) - Hotelicopters, 3D chrome, Twitter Guardian and more.

Every year I keep thinking that I should change the skin of Adland to pretend we've been bought by Google or someone, but I fear I might scare y'all half to death. Good thing other people don't mind printing pranks all day long - here are a few that I've found so far.
First up, perfect in this time of constant Twitter hype is the Guardian: The Guardian switches to Twitter only after 188 years of ink. This quote had me rolling.

Currently, 17.8% of all Twitter traffic in the United Kingdom consists of status updates from Stephen Fry, whose reliably jolly tone, whether trapped in a lift or eating a scrumptious tart, has won him thousands of fans. A further 11% is made up of his 363,000 followers replying "@stephenfry LOL!", "@stephenfry EXACTLY the same thing happened to me", and "@stephenfry Meanwhile, I am making myself an omelette! Delicious!"

Also in the UK; the BBC iPlayer is now available on a toaster. All this new shiny techstuff is great, but did you know that iPods get heavier the more music you have one them? If you don't have enough shiny to go around, use the Laminator to laminate your website.

Then Kodak, a company not known for joking, comes out with the Eye camera 4.1. Another home run, as I bet you said "wow I always wanted a camera on my glasses" just like I did. I honestly want one, Kodak, think about it.

In the nudge nudge, snortgiggle corner we have The Pirate Bay who sells out to Warner. Very funny, guys.

Mark Ritson Marketing Magazine spells the end of advertising - forget web ad blockers, now Prail sunglasses will eradicate any and all advertising messages in the wearers view. We're DOOMED!

Google can't help themselves,not only have they given us Gmail on autopilot, they also give us a new upside down layout. Consider yourselves p,lloɹʞɔıɹ. The Google Brain Search seems like a useful idea. With every film now in 3D your web browsing can't be left behind, leave it to google to give you Chrome on 3D. offer rooms on the moon, and that oh-so-obvious joke The Hotelicopter was a huge success, millions of web users and a whole bunch of bloggers fell for it. They might want to take an Expedia trip to Mars and wait for the hubub to die down.

As always, Thinkgeek go nuts, this year with extra bacon.