Adland is back. Long live Adland!

Please take note - site slowness is due to the fact that we are back on our old server, which can't really pull this kind of load any more. We'll have a new server again soon.

Good morning everyone. I hope that you at least, got some sleep.

Adland crashed on Monday evening around six my time with a bad bang, it was a hardware issue. Nothing much I could do from here (being in another country far away from my server) but wait until the next morning. Turns out the next morning that we could get the machine on again (yippie!) but then we saw the extent of the damage, oh man, it was pretty bad. As in unrepairably so.

I've been working ever since on moving data from busted machine to other machines, and here we are again, actually back on our old machine (remember Ares?), while we wait for new discs for Ammo. It's been rough, and all I can say is, I'm sorry it took so long and WEHEY I saved all the fresh data (like all you new users). Feels like Phoenix from the flames this. ;) Now I'll try to catch up on the backlog (posting everything submitted during this time which is a lot), my work (I have a dayjob, remember?), and if I get lucky I might even catch a nap. (Celebrating Playlist inside)

So this is what I am grooving to today, folks. Safari peeps, open it in a new window, because when you have it in another tab the music stops at each song. (Some sort of flash bug).