Adland banned from google adsense, thanks to Sloggi.

You know that I've hated the Sloggi ass campaign with a passion, now it seems I have another reason to hate Sloggi. I just found this sweet message from Google adsense:


While reviewing your account, we noticed that you are currently displaying Google ads in a manner that is not compliant with our policies. For instance, we found violations of AdSense policies on pages such as Please note that this URL is an example and that the same violations may exist on other pages of your website.

As stated in our program policies, AdSense publishers are not permitted to place Google ads on pages with adult or mature content. This includes images or video content containing lewd or provocative poses, or close-ups of breasts, butts, or crotches.

So, no, if we're going to be able to talk about advertising here, some of them will have butts and boobs in them, and often be harshly criticized because they do. Clearly, we can't use Adsense if they find an old post from 2004 that shuts down our account today. You're ad folks here, what network out there is halfway decent?

edit: Yes, I know, the irony right? Interflora still advertising on bimbo-homophobic-hate-speech-blog Kissies....

update: This made headlines in Dagens Media (swedish adpress) today.

Update : Adland un-banned from Google Adsense, despite the many bare bottoms in advertising. June 3 2011