Adland gossip, in Campaign and about Trackback


Adland gossip, in Campaign and about Trackback

Does anyone out there still have Campaign from the week of July 8 lying around? Look under the piles of paper, water bottles and mildew-covered coffee cups..... See, the folks over at WK London's blog say that we were mentioned in there along with Adscam and Kevin Roberts site saatchikevin, which sounds like fun - but we'd like to read it, and perhaps stick in our ever-growing scrap book, so, anyone got a scan out there?

Also, Trackback (and comment) SPAM isn't a new phenomenon but it is a growing one, sadly. While blacklists slowed things down or generally messed things up I'm now trying a new approach as we are fortunate enough not to have had any crap-flooding here yet (knock-on-wood). Any trackbacked article is checked by a script after the fact, and if it can't find a link to the Adland article that it has trackbacked it deletes the trackback. This is why we now have a little grey notice right under the trackback link, if you TB to us without linking to us you'll be mistaken for those Viagra salespeople by our unbribeable bot.


Got a scan of the blurb from W+K, cheers. it's here now.

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