Adland has a new face, new butt a tummy-tuck but we are the same adgrunts you love.


Adland has a new face, new butt a tummy-tuck but we are the same adgrunts you love.

Hey kids. Did I scare you?

I've been itching to do this since forever, or at least since October when I began my tinkering. You might have noticed that the theme, that is skin, that's the look of Adland didn't change this spring even though I was in the habit of changing skins at least once or twice a year (more in the earlier years, back in 1996 Adland re-skinned 7 times). Heck, I even had seven usuable skins to choose from for logged in users at one point so that everyone could pick a look they fancied. So why didn't I change the skin this year? I was tired of the tabled look and rather angry with the limitation posed due to the CMS that helped build the site. Sure we hade all sorts of fun fancy stuff, like RSS feeds for every users rated favorites, commens and posts, RSS feeds for every posts comments, RSS feeds for the commercials only or the ad gossip only. We really had RSS feeds for everything, and up the wazoo having aquired the habit of RSS back in 2000 we turned heavy addict fast. We also had the usual blog suspects like trackback, "previous - next" navigation, and topics and freetagging tags that each adgrunt could contribute to as they saw fit. But as with anything that constantly grows, Adland outgrew its CMS system. Once we were a basic HTML collection that grew to a manual .php goo, then added a database when PHPNuke came along, moved over to Mutant 6.4 Postnuke, upgraded that a few times and now we are a Drupal site.

So we've switched over to a fresh new system, that we hope can allow us to grow even bigger. This would not have been possible without the help from Code Guru cip who pushed me past the last and final hurdle today as my wits had run out of steam on the last leg.

Now, with the move a few things need to find new homes within the new system, which might make it look like i'm posting like a mad hatter, had they actually posted to blogs instead of made hats, but really I'm just adding stuff that had drowned in the archive. Lots of tweaks will be happening here this week, all to make things easier for you and your eyes. Until later, have fun looking around the new shiny Adland 4.0 (yeah, we had to say that. numbers make everything sound cooler dontchaknow).

Many features are in the works and some content is being restuffed, so don't panic if you don't see your favorite things around right now - but by all means pipe up if you have any ideas or suggestions or wishes because they are my commend and while I'm at it, I will tweak the way you like. Ya dig?

I'll be back once in a while to point at new stuff I've made as we go along and move on up.


Go easy on me. I got a lot to clean up. ;)

Hands Up! **** Congratulations! This is so much better. Thx for all the work y'all. You rock.

Great. Surprising. That's why I admire you so much. That's why you're so hot. That's why you must visit us here in Brazil.
Lots of success for you. Thanxs for your work.


looks great! I´ve been looking forward for this.
nice nice nice ;-)

see you soon.

Best Morten

Very, very cool new look :)
Nice work guys!

Thanks all. I'm still fixing things, so this is a good time to start screaming about things you miss. Like that guy who was going through all 1994 ads and felt all lost without the archives. Got new archives now. so, 1994 looks like this and you can just go keep flipping through them at the bottom. What things do you miss the most right now? I'll pop it up on top of the todo list.

Forums come back later. They're complicated, and a bit of a mess.

Love the new look even if I had to be kicked off so you could do your updating!

I'll treasure the you've-been-booted email you sent me :)

Oh, and the RSS feed isn't updating properly and so I get loads of error 404s. Mind you, this is really not a pressing issue to sort out. Sit back and bask in the glory of making the site look great instead.

Actually, the feeds are working, I forgot to tell my reader it needed to update.

I'm being a donkey. Ignore me.

Hehehe, yeah sorry about booting ya but I was itching to get started . ;)
Oh and you scared me there about feeds not working, the big default one is - making wee feeds for 'commercials only' and that sort of thing is on the to-do list though.


Nice. I'm glad the new site knew my password too, at first I worried I might have to get a new one emailed, since my email is not up to that date in the profile.

I can edit my own comments, a feature sausage-finger over here will find useful. Thank you.

Love the clean new look. Yah!

I've just had a major computer crash. Finally fixed it, went on line, came here, and you scared me to death! For a minute there I thought I was going to have to pull Windows apart again to find out what the (bleep) was going on.

Looks good, clean and crisp and cool. But the timing (for me) left something to be desired...

Hahahaha, sorry mate. Didn't mean to scare you half to death. ;)

Wow. Just.. wow.

I got this email today. "Hello larzon,
We haven't seen you at Adland since we totally rebuilt the whole thing, and we miss you! Plus, we'd really like to know if you like it. :)" so I decided to stop by, having not been here in years.

It is very nice.

Me too. I like it, I like the comment-bubbles.

Hey I can edit my own comments! Great!

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