Adland moved from acme, to apex, to aeon, to ares and now we've moved to AMMO!

Hey kids. So I've just moved a load of stuff from on machine to a bigger/faster/better/slicker machine here - and it may take a while for DNS to propagate (as we've changed IP#'s) and some other kinks may or may not appear in the move.

No worries, I'm fixing all the nitty gritty - but here we are, on a bright shiny and new server which is faster and stronger which will suit our needs better and help us kick some web-tush. Hence his name, ammo.

If you find weird shit going on here in Adland, you may best get my attention under this here posting as mail may or may not be flaky for a while.
Åsk Dabitch

I just found this old page (screendump as image) while I was moving stuff, I found it amusing - that there on the floor is acme.