AdLand Round Up 2004- Marketing, Controversies, Badland and more

From innovation to scandal, if it happened in advertising, we've probably got it mentioned here. Take a trip down memory lane and see if you can remember some of these exciting events.

(All commercials that require SuperAdGruntdom are marked with a "+")

Most Innovative Ads

New stuff taking the biz in wonderful directions.

* Subservient Chicken for Burger King
* 3D street chalk art used for ads.
* A car so cool it's made of ice.
* Nissan Maxima campaign is hot hot hot
* Post-it notes remind you to learn to scuba dive
* Jeep parks on the wall of Penn Plaza

Most Talked About Ads

Some ads just generate more press than others, usually because of some sort of controversy.

* Quiznos- Rats in Quiznos subs?
* Mini Robot
* Bunnysutra, Swatch kinky watch
* Christina Aguilera is naughty in Skechers ad campaign

Best Marketing Ideas

The best ideas that made waves in the ad/marketing world.

* Ikea gives commuters a chance to catch up on sleep
* Wisk gets dirty dirty dirrrty!
* Ben and Jerry's sell Cow Hugs in Stockholm

Worst Marketing Ideas

Things that make you wonder what the heck they were thinking. Maybe they weren't.

* Apple redoes 1984 ad.
* Agency launches web site by mailing lamb hoof.
* Trump wants to trademark "You're Fired".
* Best ass wins - Sloggi and Daewoo competition.


Mistakes happen. Sometimes the mistakes get loads of press, and it becomes a lot harder to sidestep the doggy doo.

* Long John Silver's free shrimp for everyone promo
* N-Gage ads deemed "offensive" and "distressing"
* Crossdresser offends Finns & Lebanese
* Ford Ka Cat Update
* Gillette goofs away $1 million on razors for DNC attendees; razors confiscated
* Italians angry about 'smelly salami' posters.
* Is Stoli admitting to ghost ads at the last Cannes?
* Adidas swears by it.

Silliest Innovation

New ideas that are strange and make us laugh.

* Advertising sandwiched between your sandwiches.
* Tattoo you - real ink tatADS have arrived.

Most Bizarre New Media

General weirdness running amok in adland.

* Clorox on My Pizza?
* Cows painted with ads, become moo-ving billboards
* More food media- egg ads anyone?

Good Viral Ads/Internet Stuff

Some of the best of this newish ad media.

* Subservient Chicken for Burger King
* Volvo's spoof within a spoof for the S40- Mystery of Dalar

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    AnonymousCoward (not verified)

    Fabulous round-up of the year that was... keep up the good work & all the best for 2005.

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    Dec 20, 2004