AdLook: Lets judge women in advertising on how hot they look - not how hot their work is.

Only in the Ukraine could we have an award like Adlook, where the 'muses' in advertising aren't judged by the hotness of their work, but by how hot they look in heels and a push-up bra. Unlike in the miss Universe competition, here silicone is A-OK!
Seriously, they say this in their opening paragraph.

Adlook – is the first rating, where ad agencies take their places not for their works, but for beautiful looks of their female co-workers. So the rating of your agency depends on you, girls. Clients and their budgets have no importance here. There’s no place for fakes here (though adlook team thinks that silicone is ok).

I simply can not wait until Femen, the topless protesting ladies that have pissed off Ukraine's secret service, come to kick these guys asses. Advertising may be all about image, but how good your art director looks has nothing to do with how good her art direction looks.

Sure sure, it's all meant to be harmless fun. AgencySpy did the Sexiest man in advertising thing in 2009 before they wised up realizing how redonk this is. It's not very funny, and makes the advertising business look like it's full of asses checking out ass. Which isn't too far from the truth.

The Russian-Ukrainian relations are complicated by the countries have a fondness of sexy ladies in advertising in common. From Wendy's girls in stiletto heels (Russia) to Mini-skirted girls fawning over you if you join the Ukrainian army. They also have an uphill battle against gender inequality and sexual harassment at work to fight, with every second Ukrainian saying it's a problem. Gee, I wonder if the advertising images so common there and so politically incorrect elsewhere, and the treatment of women in general there are related? Naah. That would like mean that advertising has some sort of power to change peoples minds, attitudes and shopping habits. Can't be.