Adman proposes via a full page ad


Adman proposes via a full page ad

True love needs to be announced. So when he (Paul Davia) works in advertising, and she (Sarah Sandberg) does as well, why not propose via a full page advert?

He asks her innocently over the phone, 'can you have a look at my ad on page five of todays paper'? She obliges. She shrieks at the image of a large diamond ring on page five.

He walked in from an office down the hall where he had been hiding.

"I got down on one knee and said 'I love you' and then I asked her to marry me," he said.

She said yes.

aaaaw.... *wipes tear from eye* how darn cute. sun times has more.



will he take out an equally large ad for the big "D"?

(someone had to say it..)

I like the concept, but I think the copy could've been sharper. Plus, the image of a diamond ring is predictable for a wedding proposal. What kind of ad would it be if Mother or KesselsKramer created it?

Aaah, but I think the target market has a soft spot for predictable images of diamond rings... ;) hahaha!

It would be just as predictable - but with an ironic choice of photographer - or perhaps just a photocopied diamond ring. yeah, thats hip.

how romantic, to get your wedding plans announced in all major newspapers.

(what would have happend if she had said no?)

Only James Brown , godfather of Soul, uses full page ads to announce his divorce from missuse James Brown, aka Tomi Rea Brown. Haha!

What's a big D anyway?


shucks how sweet. this years feel good story.

A full page ad?! Just think of the rock that could buy ladies!

aaah, but Paul works at the Chicago Sun Times. I see. Oh well, he still scores romantic points.

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