Ads in space - revisited.

Every so often in adland reports about ads in Space pop up. Either they'll paint the moon or build a net high up, or as now when we revisited the subject, a mysterious 'device' will "paint ads on the sky" between satellites that are already in orbit (or soon will be). This time it's Alexander Lavrynov, a spacecraft designer, who has patented a device for putting advertising into space that would be seen from Earth, CNN

"Space commercials could embrace huge areas and a colossal number of consumers," he said. "This would literally be intercontinental coverage."

Will this insanity ever happen?
Apart from making astronomers legit research work from earth-bound telescopes hard (if not impossible), who really owns the worlds view at night? Not Alexander Lavrynov, nor any company - the worlds sky belongs to the entire world and can thus not be used as media-space for the highest bidder. You'd think this was obvious.
Apart from that world-wide targeting of consumers is just silly, basically only Coke could use ' intercontinental coverage' - and trust me when I say that there are actually not coke machines everywhere. I wonder what the aurora borealis tourists will think about this... Not to mention anyone else who lives far way from ad-immersed cities, in the vast lands where the sky at night still helps one navigate. I wonder why an idea so dumb keeps coming up.

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