Adshel poster war in Oz: Australian Christian Lobby wants gay ads down, QAHC gets them back up!

The Adshel offices in Australia saw protesters yesterday, demanding the re-instatement of this ad from QAHC that promotes safe sex, which adshel had removed from all of their poster sites.
At first Adshel denied that they had caved to pressure from the Australian Christian Lobby, but they've now seen the rainbow colored light:

“Adshel earlier responded to a series of complaints by removing the campaign from its media panels yesterday. None of the complaints indicated any liaison with the ACL, so Adshel was made to believe that they originated from individual members of the public” a newly issued statement on its website read.
“It has now become clear that Adshel has been the target of a coordinated ACL campaign. This has led us to review our decision to remove the campaign and we will therefore reinstate the campaign with immediate effect,” Adshel CEO Steve McCarthy said.

The people protesting for the right of this ad to stay up, can now have a nicely deserved cold drink of choice, while the ACL -lady interviewed in the video-clip in this next link must figure out a way to explain condom ads to her kids. Gay sex ad retreat a win for common sense

Perhaps next time somebody tries to impose a little bit of cultural sharia on a modern, secular, grown-up society the company won't be so quick to accommodate them. And as for Wendy Francis and her concerns that school children might see the advert and be somehow er... affected… good. It might mean some poor teenager, struggling with their homosexuality because of the attitudes of ignorant, punishing fools gets the message that not everybody thinks they're an aberrant freak, going to hell.

Mental note: it's really to get Adshel to remove a poster campaign, lets write angry letters next time we see posters with sinfully ugly fonts.

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