AdVent - horrible lines won!

It's been highly amusing, in a "should I laugh or cry?" kind of way, to read all the warstories entered in the AdVent competition.

And man it was hard to pick a winner from the amusing comments. So many classics! Clients that contradict themselves and dark pools of ignorance like 'black will jump out of register' or 'black loads slower ' or, mama mia, "do we have the rights to the yin-yang symbol?". Many a client/boss needs to be smacked with a clue-by-four. And the winners are ....... (to open the envelope, click on read more...)

PopLoser - for "Too complicated. We need to beat them over the head with the 2x4 of simplicity."


skrike - for "Hold on my brother speaks latin let me call you back.".

And everyone else who shared their horror stories - check your mail kids!

Thanks to everyone who made us laugh and brightened our day by venting, and thanks to Jim at for the great Jewelboxing prizes. :)

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