Advertisers line up for Super Bowl XL advertising

Adage has their preliminary list of who's advertising in Super Bowl XL up.

The Usual Suspects, back again:
Anheuser-Busch, with the largest number (as usual) of spots has 10 again this year throughout the game by a variety of agencies (again, as usual)
Last year's spots: Skydiver, Island Fantasy, Picture Phone, Donkey look what you started, Cockatoo, Heros Salute/Thank You, Pucker Up, and Cedric Designated Driver

Pepsi-Cola Co. has bought a total fo four 30-second spots, with at least one for Diet Pepsi. Ad agency for Diet Pepsi is DDB, New York
Last year's spots: Diet Pepsi Truck, Guy Watcher, Bottle Songs, and Rich Girl

Ameriquest Mortgage Co. is back with two 30-second spots by DDB, Los Angeles
Last year's spots: Robbery and Romantic Dinner/Cat

General Motors Corp.'s Cadillac returns with one 60-second spot in the second quarter with rumors that it is for their redone Escalade Sport Utility(which will be awarded to the game's Most Valuable Player).
Last year's spots: Barrels

Ford Motor Co. will be in the game with one 30-second spot, possibly for its new Fusion sedan by JWT, Detroit
Last year's spot: Green Light

Career returns with their "monkeys" again in two 30-second spots by Cramer Krasselt, Chicago
Last year's spots: Apology, Whoopie Cushion, and Titanic

Emerald of California is back with one 30-second spot in fourth quarter using the word-game approach Emerald took last year with the letters E and N. It focuses on a druid and a machete enthusiast by Goodby Silverstein & Partners, San Francisco
Last year's spot: Unicorns

New players for this year:
American Home Health has bought one 30-second spot in the second pod of the second half which will feature a "humorous" spot for their PS brand, a line of industrial-strength cleaning products for the house by Fahlgren Benito, Tampa, Fla.

Bayer will advertising their Aleve brand in one 30-second spot in the first quarter by Energy BBDO, Chicago

Burger King bought one 60-second spot after the kick-off and is a new spot part of the campaign fo the King going head to helmet with NFL players by Crispin Porter & Bogusky, Miami, Fla.

ESPN has one 60-second spot to launch Mobile ESPN, the network's mobile-phone service by Arnold, Boston

Nationside Insurance has one 30-second spot in second break of the third quarter with a celebrity spot, part of its "Life Comes at You Fast" branding campaign by TM Advertising, Irving, Texas

Sprint, along with being the half-time sponsor, purchased two 30-second spots, one in second quarter and one in the third by TBWA/Chiat Day, New York

Brands with unknown number of spots:
Subway by ad agency MMB, Boston
Last year's spot: Parking Lot

Unilever, unknown brand (although possibly for Degree again?) by unknown agency

Procter & Gamble Co. for the five-blade Gillette Fusion razor by BBDO, New York

FedEx is back with creative by BBDO, New York
Last year's spot: Ten Things

Film Company spots:
Buena Vista Pictures with one spot for the remake of "Shaggy Dog" - In-house
New Line Cinema with one spot for "Running Scared," - In-house
Sony Pictures with unknown number of spots, probably to promote "Pink Panther" and "The Da Vinci Code" - In-house
Warner Bros. has three 30-second spots for "Poseidon," "V for Vendetta," and "16 Blocks" - In-house

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