advertising on forehead hype reaches fever pitch


advertising on forehead hype reaches fever pitch

"Sponsormymelon.com!" yelled some guy a few years back and since then the idea has been top of mind.. (sorry).
The Guardian spoofed it when the Cunning crew said they'd sell it... And now, you can find quite a few on Ebay. Here you can Advertise on this mans forehad!, or if you want to *Advertise your logo or website domain on this guys forehead!, here's one that reads " Advertise Your Logo on my Ass (or Forehead)" oooh, cheeky, how about Advertise Your logo on 3 C.I.K.TV staff forehead and help som local kids TV program get some much needed equipment. Seems a worthy cause.

Andrew Fisher is the man from Omaha that caught the attention of BBC news and channel six news, Omaha this time around.
Hat tip to Researcher

quote from ass-ad at eBay.

As far as asses go, mine is, well, roundish and split down the middle. Kind of what you'd expect. Your logo will be seen by quality boxer-briefs including my Calvin Kleins, and assorted lower-end brief-ware produced by the Gap, Eddie Bauer, etc, (ok "etc.", for the record, includes 3 pairs of Fruit of the Loom 100% cotton briefs - it was one of those stay over at the girlfriend's one night longer than expected impulse purchases). In addition to the fabulous briefs & skivvies target market scoping out my formidable cheeks, my girlfriend will in all likelihood "take a peek" 2 to 3 times a week.



Fascinating that the old forehead-ad idea still gets so much real press attention. *yawn*

The abundance of Ebay auctions indicate that the idea jumped the shark 2003.

Hasn't jumped the shark.. eh.. jumped it yet? ;p

There is more of course... L@@K!!! ADVERTISING SPACE! ON MY PROSTHETIC LEG!!!!! and ADVERTISE YOUR COMPANY LOGO OR WEBSITE ON MY CHEST!!!!!. Wonder what this says about us as a soceity... ;)

Does one have to use all caps and a lot of exclamation marks at eBay? ;)

You could always buy the FOREHEAD AD BLOCKER! on eBay and not have to see all those forehead ads.

Yup! And he might be US $20.50 richer after the auction is over. Way to go officeprankster. :)

YAES I guess... Ebay item 5958692012 is a VIRAL ADVERTISING OPPORTUNITY where you may buy a viral ad where Victoria Beckham gets hit by a bus. "Please note that we do not offer the sponsor any editorial control over the final released film"


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