Advertising is going to hell. Handbasket not included.


Advertising is going to hell. Handbasket not included.


Not since that horrid Beverly Hills formula toothpaste ad with the peeping son and the nakid mum have we seen an ad go so horribly...horribly wrong.

Creamsicles are, according to the body copy here luscious, smooth, sweet and fun. And Lickable. We're talking about the ice-cream here. Glad we have that sorted out.

Has to be a sick joke. Some telltale photoshopping going on and the body copy is way over the top - whoever did this had lots of fun and many people fooled. Spotted by dgaicun who posted at metachat: "Advertising gone horribly, horribly wrong." Just for the hell of it, can anyone here confirm or deny this ad? Stop laughing.


I know, who the hell had the time to photoshop this together? And the copy is so fleshed out too. (perhaps not the best choice of words...ahem) Must be a creative team out there stoned out of their skulls from sniffing too much spraymount who went on an ad-creating binge after spotting the stock-shot of the gymnasts doing that. Very wrong in the head.

The Breyers team wants to assure you that this advertisement is a fake and Breyers had absolutely nothing to do with its creation or its posting on the internet. In fact, neither USA Gymnastics, Breyers, Creamsicle nor any of the brands that are part of Unilever Ice Cream had any knowledge of the fake advertisement until it was brought to our attention by our consumers. Please be assured that we are as offended by the false advertisement as you are and we are making every effort to see that it is removed from the internet as soon as possible.

There is no doubt that it is fake - it's even posted under the topic "advertising jokes", but thanks for the "deny" as Dabitch asked for just for the hell of it. Success!
However getting the image "removed from the internet" probably won't ever happen, but I wish you best of luck with that. Some famous places where many webheads host images you have to prove that the image is yours before they remove it, or so says their TOS, that your trademark is infringed is of little or no concern at all to most of those sites. Only suggesting the following as they are on US soil just like you. From surfing around I've found that this image is hosted here: IRCimages, Flickr images, IMG Bucket. (and many more places I'm sure just google "breyers lickable")

Yes, it's obviously not a real ad. Next time I'll spell it out so boringly clear. So sorry for hoping people could deduce this for themselves as I never state "This is a real ad" or anything of the sort.

By the way, whomever created it is presumably not American, as the body copy uses British spelling such as "flavour". Dunno if you can read it at this resolution, maybe try one of the images James_Trickery linked.

lol, good luck "removing it from the internet"

Do you REALLY not get it? This was done SOLELY to show how WORTHLESS blogs and bloggers like Dabitch are. Why you are fucking joke and why you will never be off welfare. Anyone with an IQ of AT LEAST 80 wouldn't have to ask if this is real.. And before you make things worse on yourself by saying "You DO have to ask these days because advertising IS like this." No. It isn't. You got caught being a worthless fuck. IT would have taken FIVE FUCKING SECONDS on Google to verify that it was fake BEFORE posting this But being a blogger (meaning not a journalist. Not intelligent and not cared about by anyone else on the planet) that was just a little too much for you to do.

YOU TELL 'EM, person who makes outrage filled post WITH CAPS over a ten year old story they didn't actually read.

I do get it. I state that it's a joke in the post. Try reading. (also it's a ten year old post so I guess you were working really hard at finding something to complain about?)

They didn't read the comments either, it's already been pointed out that his is posted under "advertising jokes" way back in 2006. Because it's a joke, d'oh!

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