Advertising Music - Ingrid Michaelson -The Way I Am


Advertising Music - Ingrid Michaelson -The Way I Am


When singers/songwriters put brand names in their lyrics, they're usually cool like 409 (the car not the cleaner) and Cristal (the champagne not the misspelling of crystal).

But when Ingrid Michaelson wrote "The Way I Am", she decided to put in a not so cool brand (in my opinion).

The mention happens at 1:24.

If this song sounds familiar to you, it's also in an Old Navy commercial.


"You are chilly - here take my sweater" - that was written for old navy?

*lol* Rogaine? Ok.

Oh my, I totally went listening in the wrong place. She's promoting Rogaine. Hahaha! Has that become the xerox, hoover, telex of the naughts?

But why stop at Rogaine? Why not add some more drugs? "You are flaccid - here take some Viagra".

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