Advertising, a royal job.


Advertising, a royal job.


Swedens prince Carl Philip is doing his Internship at Storåkers advertising agency in Stockholm. (I hope he gets one at King next) as part of his studies in Graphic Design at Forsbergs skola.

He's not the only one in the family with designer genes, ;) his sister princess Madeleine did her internships at Lowe Brindfors and Sandell Sandberg last year. Lets not forget his fathers uncle, Sigvard Bernadotte who designed for Bang & Olufsen and the swirly M logo for Marabou.

above, Carl Philip and Madeleine.

It was the princes first day of his internship today, he will stay at Storåkers during the fall. Storåkers denies to reveal which clients he will be working on.


handsome woman that Madeleine..... She single?

AFAIK yes, but she's waaaaay out of your league bubba. ;)

If he's as talented as Sigvard I hope he quits his prince job and starts a design agency.

Judging by some of the work in the schools portfolio talented designers are as common as gorgeous blondes in Sweden.

I'm so moving there. Right now in fact. Babes and great design here I come!

curious if the other students at Forsbergs feel royally screwed as they have quite a hard time getting placements, while the prince here who studies via a letter course (he does not attend classes at the school) gets a great internship.

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