The advertising show - live webcast.




The advertising show - live webcast.

Long before the Big Idea show, The advertising show has been on the AM airwaves, every Saturday 2pm -4pm Eastern time. International adgrunts rejoice, they archive their shows and have a live webcast, as long as you have windows media player installed you can tune in too!
Bigwigs have joined the hosts Brad Forsythe and Ray Schilens at the mike, like Jerry Della Femina, Luke Sullivan, George Lois and Donny Deutsch, to gab about our favorite topic - advertising of course. Now go on, give it a listen. :)



anyone else listening? I'm listening to the live webcast right now while having dinner. Cool.

I'm tuned in. Hey he just mentioned YOU little lady!

Whoohoo - I'm gonna let that go to my head... ;) I should buy'em a beer like real ladies do. ;)

in the archives, get the Luke Sullivan show, he's so dang funny.

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