Advertising week social club - Friday playlists by yours truly.


Longtime readers of Adland will already know that I'm a fan of the Advertising week in New York city. Who wouldn't love a week full of seminars, parties and popular brand characters like Charlie the Tuna and the Pillsbury doughboy parading down Madison avenue? Lots of people? Fine, I'll rephrase that; this shindig is like made for ad-dict weirdos like you and me.

So of course I'm well chuffed that I am now part of the Advertising Week Social Club, so I can blog & tweet from their @advertisingweek twitter account under the sig ^db. They call me the sweetheart hell-raiser.

I've made a wee niche of sorting music for you all on Fridays over there. My first playlist "memories with a future" was all about remix culture and kicks off with a Japanese ad jingle. You are all familiar with the hypnotic song in the Tarako campaign. I need one of those Tarako "egg" dolls by the way.

This week is all about love. I will Funk you up and jazz you down, so you can chillax while doing timesheets. I'm not all dubstep, my dears. Hope you enjoy, and that I can keep you listening many Fridays to come. One of these days I'm asking Charlie the tuna for a dance.

PS - yes this means you'll see me in New York during advertising week this year. FINALLY, right?

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