advertisments or pregverts?


advertisments or pregverts?


After Billboards for dogs came billboards on dogs, and now humans too rent out their body as adspace. Some early entrepreneurs sell their chests as mediaspace, although I suspect this ladies chest gathers more viewers. Then a guerilla adagency called Cunning Stunts started selling the vacant adspace on students foreheads. Now there is a new media growing ...

Ms Zoe Ellis walked around London the other day proudly displaying a microbabies ad on her bump. Tomy, the toycompany behind the advert , is now looking for around 100 more pregnant bellies so that they can take their campaign nationwide. (Uk)


Ad campaign pregnant with possibility
LONDON, Nov. 1 - Hmm.. according to the washington post Zoe is still eight months pregnant. Freak of nature? :))

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