Amidst the bombing, the rumble of JWT

This is a story from the Guardian in the UK. Slightly mad, if you ask me but then you didn't so I'll just concentrate on getting the link right instead.

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article in the Guardian about JWT

The US government may advertise on the Arab TV station, al-Jazeera, in order to reassure audiences in the Muslim world that America is not waging a war on Islam.

The idea of advertising on the station was put forward by Charlotte Beers, the former chairman of the J Walter Thompson advertising agency, who is now the US under secretary of state for public diplomacy.

In this role, Ms Beers is responsible for co-ordinating the messages the US broadcasts to the rest of the world.

"I will choose any channel of distribution, any format that will get the job done," Ms Beers told the US magazine, Advertising Age.

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