AMV BBDO hides new Guinness spot online

The folks at AMV BBDO are not launching the new GUINNESS® ad on TV. Instead, they decided it would be more interesting to hide it online for a Guinness fan to find – and launch for them!

From the folks at AMV BBDO:
To be the first to see the new ad you must solve a series of clues, codes and puzzles and piece together the new film…but don’t expect it to be easy. As you know, it just wouldn’t be GUINNESS® if the reward didn’t involve a little waiting. The site goes live soon, but until then we’d like you to meet Juan Ramon, the mayor of the village (he may even give you some clues to get you started):

Here's a message from the mayor sent in from AMV BBDO:

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  • Dabitch's picture

    I'm too lazy for this shit, can someone just hand me the clues? Or a Guinness, whichever comes first. ;P

    Oct 25, 2007

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