Anatomy of a trending topic: Twitter trend forces Urban outfitters to respond to crafting community

An update to yesterdays Badlander: Urban outfitters I Heart Destination necklaces that carbon copied Truche's design - they have reacted with a tweet.

Hey guys, we see your tweets regarding the I Heart Destination necklace. Please know that our accessories buying team is looking into this.

And here's an interesting look into the spread of this story on twitter, making it a trending topic. Amber Karnes ( @amberkarnes ) tweeted this 20 hours ago and it's been retweeted hundreds of times.

I think it's time to boycott Urban Outfitters. They have done this to so many independent artists. NOT OK.

Karnes shares how fast it went hot, making her own name a trending topic, and then how it stepped up to become a worldwide trending topic. OOooh, Urban outfitters are in so much twouble.

Huffington post and BoingBoing picked it up (as did we) giving the story yet more digital legs. Then this:

Heh. And indeed the images were gone, and a message “this item is no longer available” appeared on the item page on Urban’s website. (Edited to add: early this morning I got a direct message (from a credible source) whose sister works for UO. She said they’ve been told to pull the necklaces from all stores immediately.)

Twenty hours after her initial tweet. Can your company react that fast?

Update here : Who did it first?

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