Another avatar creation thingiemahbob - this time you can buy it though.

Oh hang on, I forgot to mention that faceyourmanga is yet-another-create-your-own-avatar place, but with the added bonus of you being able to buy your creation in a nice large format, and possibly have it printed several times with different backgrounds and colors as giant post-pop-art referencing those Warhol portrait walls all the old* people (like Gabrielle Solis in desperate housewives) are still getting. It's not hard to use and you can go all makeup happy on yourself, so knock yourselves out.


* Yes I know that I'm older than both the character and actress Eva Longoria Parker who plays Gabrielle Solis. Age is all in your heads folks!

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Perfect, I even get to wear my cat mask. Ta.

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Nice. I was getting tired of the Simpsons avatar. This even has my didn't have time to shave this morning style. It looks quite a lot like me today.

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Turned out pretty good, but I couldn't get the right haircolor.

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I actually have a Swiss Army t-shirt with the same logo!

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I'm going to have to work a bit more at getting the lower half of my ginormous head to be a bit more quasi-octagonal like this!

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manga adland

Look! It's me! Almost.

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Ha! Good likeness!

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I couldn't even get a start on this. Nothing looked right. Even with a mirror in front of me I could find anything that matched.

I have Mean Man by W.A.S.P. playing in through my headphones trying to do this. I don't look anything like Chris Holmes.