another banned Levi's ad


Yahoo biz! reports that Levi's are suffering from banned ad syndrome this week. Last night Levi's decided to pull the ad where a woman riding on horseback jumps over a train.

super adgrunts, just click the image to view the ad.

Operation Lifesaver teamed with its highway and rail safety partners to petition Levi Wednesday to remove the ad because it could encourage risky behavior around trains.

"We work with our safety community daily to prevent the dangerous, illegal and all-too-often tragic activity of playing on railroad tracks, while producing and distributing our own 'Take Safety to Heart' public service campaigns ," Edwards said. "But the images people see in millions of dollars of well-produced, glossy advertisements speak volumes more than we ever will. That's why we take advertising so seriously."

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    AnonymousCoward (not verified)

    Thank heaven's! I am not alone. I write this as the Soloquoy Steam Engine rocks me through the North Carolina swampland. This is the 6th stop on my life on the rails. I have done it all. Ridden on the tops (we call it hick surfing) of railroad cars, tumbled off rolling cars, tied blow up dolls to tracks, etc, you name it, I've done it. And I owe my new life of adventure on the rails to Levi's. Which by the way are highly prized by your 12pack an hour hobo copassengers--yes, I found out the hard way.


    Aug 12, 2003

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