Anybody want to piss off Citroen?

This might be a cool idea: get Citroen to withdraw their entire introduction campaign (including an over expensive commercial, outdoor posters, ads, etcetera) for the new Citroen C3 Pluriel in the whole of Europe. How? Read this.

In all of their communication Citroen is eager to tell you how versatile their new C3 Pluriel is. You can use it as a normal car, as a cabriolet, as a spider, and so on. But they also say you can use it as a pick up. And that is not entirely true! To convert the car to a pick up, you have to put the boot down. But then you cannot see the license plate. It is illegal to drive that way! Hence they are selling you a car that cannot drive on the public road. They make promises they cannot live up to.

So make the complaint to your local advertising regulation company and get them to withdraw their very expensive commercial. It is completely and utterly crap anyway, the human race is better of without this sorry excuse for advertising on the tv.