Apple 1984 is back


Apple 1984 is back


As Caffeinegoddess pointed out earlier - apple 1984 is back.

It can be viewed In small medium or large on Spot the cgi-work. Hat tip to Clayton. If anyone out there can figure out the point of this exercise, let us know, aye?


Hahaha... I didn't spot the cgi addition before. That could very well be The Coolest Thing Ever(TM).

Is she wearing an iPod??? If so, thats just not right...

Maybe that's it - She needs the iPod so that she can drown out the droning mans speech - and thus she is set freeeeeee... or something. ;)

She is listening to "Imagine."


I didn't think you could run with an iPOD...

still a massivly good ad after 20 years.

sans iPod is better though.

(Running with the iPod: Everyone says that but i run with mine all the time and its no worse for the wear. Hard drives can deal with the vibration from running but it can't handle the sharp impacts you get if you drop it. )

Isn't it kinda ironic? Apple went back and revised a spot that talks of "1984" Winston Smith did a double plus good job revising history: Apple has always had the iPod.

I just hope BB doesn't find the original on here.

Did y'all hear the rumour that theres still another 1984 homage coming? and this one ain't it? Getcreativity's Jim Hanas said in his elert that Chiat ain't talking though.... Can' wait until feb 1 to see if it's true.

For the die-hard mac and advert nerds:

the old and new commercial side by side - so you see exactly what Digital Domain did....

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