Apple's real benefits over the PC


Apple's real benefits over the PC


What a surprise...Apple's new spots are already being spoofed.

Check out the the spoofs titled "Crap", "Porn", and "Sharing" inside.






I'm so bored after watching these I'm not sure I have the energy to applaud the effort.

Jebus, that first one was... starts with a C....

Bloody Brits.


Who or what is 'anonymous' and why are his/her comments always the same? Am I missing some subtlety here or is this spam?

It's spam. Sorry for not managing to delete the crap fast enough. He's running some script on the site that leaves a comment every 30 minutes with all his purdy pages named after pharma drugs linked (he seems to have thousands of them). Each comment comes from a different IP and I haven't been able to figure out how to block the fucker without setting out booby-traps that may affect legit adgrunts yet.spam sucks, I don't have time for this crap.

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