Are you smart enough to win some free book smarts?


Are you smart enough to win some free book smarts?


Chad Rea and Anthony Burril have just launched their trilogy Now it's your turn to make the follow-up book, The Truth About Advertising. The top three lines, chosen by Chad, will get a set of booksmarts123 books for the Xmas stocking.

To enter to win, just read on - winners will be drawn the 19th and sent off the 20th of December, it'll reach your stocking just in time for jingle day.

What you have to do is make a comment. Make the advertising version of booksmarts - advertising smarts. Comment a wellknown truth about advertising, like these examples. Share the ad smarts. The undispensible advertising truths will win.

It's just a .

TV advertising isn't getting better. TV programming is getting worse.

You can polish a turd, but it's still a turd.

Right get cracking, hit that comment button! Small print: As per usual, It doesn't matter where you live on this big planet of ours, you can still win as long as you live in AdLand. ;)


Fast. Cheap. Beautiful. Pick any two.

what i really want to do is direct.

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