Are you there God? It's me, Dabitch. Let the atheist's ads run, willya?

The mercury down in Oz are reporting a bit of a snafu for the Atheist ad campaign there.

METRO'S refusal to run ads for the Atheist Foundation is headed for the Anti-Discrimination Commission.
The foundation wanted to runs ads on the backs of the state-owned company's buses that said: "Atheism - celebrate reason! Sleep in on Sunday mornings."
Foundation president David Nicholls said he was told, in effect, that the slogan was "too hot to handle".

The Metro buses have run ad campaigns on hot topics before, such as anti-abortion campaigns with some rather disturbing imagery, but they claim now that they don't run political or religious advertising or "anything that damages Metro's reputation". Which could mean that they'll ban anything they don't agree with.

Meanwhile, Adfreak gossips that Christians making holy war on atheism ads as a devout christian named JoEllen Murphy, is trying to raise $14,000 to counter the currently running American Humanist Association campaign with her own campaign, featuring ads with the line, "Why believe? Because I created you and I love you, for goodness' sake. - God."

Lets not forget London CD Simon Veksner who is putting the final touches on a personal project a campaign for "".

I'm not sure what you'll achieve by "unselling" religion to anyone, of if it's even possible. I would whole heartily support and ad campaign that argued the merits of a truly secular state, in order to let people agree that it is time to finally create one with no religion tainting schools for example, but if people fancy believing in, God, G-d, little green men at home or the flying spaghetti monster, whaddyagonnado aye? Let them. Faith is a personal thing. I'm not really sure what an anti-religion campaign will achieve but tick religious people off, then again maybe that is the point?
Anyway, he has a cute script-idea up, where people in a book store re-sort he bibles onto the "fiction" shelf, which sounds like it would work just as well as an guerilla idea if you can find enough people to do it. It reminds me of my younger self, when I went to try and find The Poetic Edda in several academic and university bookstores and kicked up a shitstorm each time that I found it wasn't sorted on the "religion" shelf, it wasn't even on the "mythology" shelves, but hidden somewhere in the dusty corners of the history section.
But it also reminded one of the commentors over at scampblog of the reshelving project, where people put Orwell's 1984 in non-fiction as a statement against laws like the Patriot act in the US.
Still, it's a nice idea.

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    The religious don't attack non believers because they hate non believers, they attack non believers to prove to themselves that they really believe in what sounds like crap to them too...

    Dec 13, 2008

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