Arla blackouts the milk cartons for Earth Hour.


Arla blackouts the milk cartons for Earth Hour.


If you've been hiding under a rock lately you might not have heard of Earth Hour, where 8:30PM local time, wherever you live on planet earth. Saturday 28 March 2009 everyone on the planet are supposed to turn off the light (and anything else electric).

If It's successful expect a spike in births approx. nine months from then. ;)

Arla Milk in Sweden decided to join in bigtime. Presumably, they won't be milking any cows or pasteruising milk at that hour either, they do promise that they will turn off the lights in all of their signs and buildings on Saturday, but their biggest contribution is the black milk carton created as a reminder to everyone who drinks milk. Which is pretty much everyone. You can already find these black milk cartons in the shops today, and they will be produced in black until Saturday when they switch back to their regular white/green & white/red stripes.

Ten points for eponysterical - the design of the black milk carton is from ad agency Milk.
Copywriter: Torkel Norling
Art Director: Mikael Selin
Account: Anna Reynold


First time I get to work eponysterical into a post, I think. ;-)

It would be really cool if the cartons actually changed to their regular white/green & white/red stripes after the hour is up - on the existing black cartons!

(P.S. Kudos for the $5.00 word use!)

That would be awesome, and with our limited technology probably would waste doubletrillion amounts of enegry as well, kind of defeating the whole idea. ;)

They could probably do it with a long term variant of a time-released chemical reaction (one that depends on the milk carton staying cold a particular length of time).

Possible other uses come to mind (including someone already doing something for packaged meat - see - start on page 25 for the relevant stuff). Cool, eh?

Dang, that is, and now that you've shared your übernerd knowledge on adland prepare for it to be used in advertising in 10.. 9.... 8.... ;)



Just to say, I've never heard of Earth Hour except right here on this page. Although the organisers say London has signed up to it, there's been nothing in the British media, either news stories or advertising. (Though I can't say anything about London local media.)

A dark milk Earth Hour milk carton that causes me to suspect it might not contain pasteurized milk. I'll pass on purchasing that.

As for Earth Hour, I'll be turning on every light (and anything else electric) I can for Earth Hour again this year. Nikola Tesla, Thomas Edison, Samuel Morse, Antonio Meucci, George Westinghouse, and Alexander Graham Bell are heroes to me, not villains.

I received an email from the World Wildlife Fund today (3/25/2009) talking about it, and giving this link:

This is 3 days before the event. Not a lot of advance notice. :-)

Maybe they are conserving their self-righteousness. Maybe not.

Sounds like they're conserving paper - especially the money kind. :-)

It's all over the airwaves here.

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