Arvika Festival "orgasm ad" banned by Reklam Ombudsman in Sweden

RO, a.k.a the ReklamOmbudsman in Sweden have decided to ban the Arvika Festival ad campaign, even if Arvika Festival couldn't get anyone to air it on TV in the first place. The film shows a young woman saying hi to the camera, apparently naked, and she then proceeds to masturbate. It ends on a super stating: "7 months away, get ready, 15-17 July 2010"

Two individuals chose to report the viral ad to the RO on the grounds that "the film is offensive, sexist and designed without the special care which must be exercised in relation to commercial communication made by or showing children and adolescents." The star of the ad is Caroline Magnerholt, and she is 20 years old. The Arvika Festival tried to find a male willing to make a similar film, probably to be able to dodge the "sexist" bullet, but had no such luck as no males reported for masturbation-on-camera-for-free duty.

Arvikafestivalen said in a statement that the background for the film came when Arvikafestivalen wanted to show what the festival includes, that it is "much more than music", while spotlighting the debate on young people's sexuality. A debate that they currently consider to be: "incredibly stale". RO condemns the masturbation movie, which is not to be shown again in an advertising capacity.

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