Asa Bailey the one trick pony?

Y'all probably recall the old Ogivy hijack where Asa Bailey viral ad agency secured the domain - see these articles to refresh your memory: Ogilvy London Hijacked, Ogilvy London Hijacked - Part II and my post "ASABAILEY Ogilvy stunt jumps the shark twice over".

Well, they've done it again. They "hijacked" Campaign Magazine's supposed domain. But hang on a second, everyone knows that Campaign Magazine is at Brandrepublic, right? At least everyone who actually reads it. Anyone who might forget where it is will google it and find the link on top: Campaign Magazine.

So the "hijacking" of the url was just a matter of buying said domain. Some other domainhorder beat him to buying without the dash, ditto on the .com. What a huge waste of time. When nobody links it, these URL's will have no google juice.

On the Asa Bailey campaign website there's an awfully hairy bum mooning the visitors. How mature. I'm so terribly impressed with the one of a kind creativity & chutzpah, and skilled buying of domain names to boot - such technical prowess is hard for a little girl like me youknow - why I think I'll go out and hire Asa Bailey right this minute. Perhaps not. Verdict: lame.

Once more for google juice power, Campaign Magazine is at

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  • deeped's picture

    I like when you pull out the whip and mistress the biz' stupid private parts ;)

    Sep 24, 2006

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