ASA lets gucci go


ASA lets gucci go


The jury is in : the Gucci ad featured earlier gets okay from ASA

LONDON (Reuters) - A Gucci advertisement featuring a woman with her pubic hair cropped in the shape of a letter "G" got the go-ahead from Britain's tough advertising watchdog on Wednesday.

The ASA, which has a reputation for taking a harder line than its counterparts in other European countries, judged the advertisement was targeted at sophisticated, adult fashion magazine readers who would not be offended.

"The image was intimate rather than aggressive and... although it was likely to be considered tasteless by some readers, it was unlikely to cause serious or widespread offence," the ASA said in a statement.

Sixteen people had complained about the ad, arguing it was offensive and sexist, not to mention "indecent".


I see nothing wrong with a Gucci coochie.

You're right. But you shouldn't beat around the bush to long though. Look at the guys face.

I think that people who have a problem with this ad , should see therapist and take a chill pill.

I think that people who DON'T have a problem with this ad, should see a therapist and take a chill pill.

yeah - he looks like a deer caught in headlights, kneeling to the holy Graal - as he suddenly realises his date is a golddigger with a branded crotch-----

oh that makes sense - G is for Gold digger! :)) ha!

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