Audi A5 "suicide ad" still touring the web. PS, it's still a spec ad and not real.

So the audi A5 suicide ad is touring the web still, we've been in touch with who now changed their article to read "Mystery of suicide spot continues unresolved", whereas before it headlined that "Adland bekennt sich zu Selbstmord-Spot" ("Adland takes credit for the ad" - or words that could be interpreted as such, my German ain't that great). The ad was not created by us, for the record. Just to make that clear.

Meanwhile,, Austria's biggest online newspaper, wrote no such thing as their journalist actually (gasp!) did some legwork and contacted both us and Audi before making their article.

Over at our pal Joelapompe his post agreed with us that it was time to "badland" the idea, as they called it "the idea that kills twice". Citroên did it in 2002!

We've spoken to Audi Sweden since last week about the ad, they're well aware of it (and that we have it).

The suicide ad world tour has reached most of Europe, and even Australia, here's a few articles on the now world famous spec ad. From what I hear it's even been on TV in Germany - had this little report on the ad.
Audi denies link to suicide ad
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If You Want to Commit Suicide, Audi Can't Help You
Publicité Audi: suicide manqué…
Diffusion d'un faux spot publicitaire d'Audi mettant en scène un suicide AFP wirenews

Audi A5 - Suicide / Krass - (2009) :60 SPEC

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