Audi 2012 Super Bowl Commercial - Vampire Party

The Super Bowls ads in 2012 are appropriating pop culture with wild abandon. Audi is no exception, using “Twilight,” and Echo & The Bunnymen to sell the All New Audi S7.

Vampires climbing up trees in a direct lift from the hottest movie franchise since Harry Potter? Yup. Impossibly good-looking hipsters drinking blood in Capri Sun packets? Yup. Special effects for fun, retractable fangs? You betcha.
Really bad dialogue? “Party’s arrived.”

But real questions abound. Like:

Why are we using vampires to sell cars? Why are the headlights the most important selling feature of a new Audi? Why would I want such powerful headlights, unless it’s to be that schmuck who blinds the people in oncoming traffic? And why, oh why are, we trying to make #SoLongVampires a hashtag?