The Aussie Lynx Jet rakes home awards in Cannes


I love timezones, because today it's already tomorrow in Australia - even though it's still today here. Get it? Neither do I - but somehow the The Australian managed to post news dated Tuesday June 20, 2006, today (Monday June 19) and reveal that the Lynx Jet campaign won two golds and a bronze in the Cannes Lions Direct category. But here where I'm sitting (same timezone as Cannes y'all) we won't know the results until 12:00 tomorrow.
Still, congratulations to Lowe Hunt for nabbing so many in one category.

The campaign, which attracted complaints in Australia for being sexist, won two golds and a bronze in the direct marketing competition and narrowly missed out on winning the top prize, or Grand Prix.
It also won two Lions in the inaugural Promo section of the festival for sales promotions and has been nominated as a finalist in the Press, Outdoor and Media Strategy competitions, the winners of which will be announced later this week.

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