Australia asks "Where the bloody hell are you?"


Today Australia launches a new AUD$180-million international advertising campaign to promote itself as a tourist destination.

Apparently the use of "bloody hell" has sparked some controversy (is anyone surprised?) but has been defended by Tourism Australia (who also spent AUD$6.2mill testing the ads on focus groups worldwide).

Tourism Australia Managing Director, Scott Morrison described the slogan as a "uniquely Australian invitation" whilst Tourism Minister Bailey on The World Today programme referred to the expletive as "the great Australian adjective".

Check out the ad here.

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  • johndoom's picture

    Yikes! Actually seems like an ok tourism ad till the "we've been rehearsing for thousands of years" bit showing Johnny Native in his crazy grass skirt just waiting to entertain Whitey with his wacky traditional dancing.

    I don't think I'm usually that sensitive to racial denegration but that made me wince.

    Feb 27, 2006
  • Dabitch's picture

    ....and what is with that vividas player crap?

    Feb 27, 2006

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