Baby Bob is really Baby Babette?


Baby Bob is really Baby Babette?


Skip tips us to the scariest thing about that creepy talking Baby Bob...

You know what's creepier than Baby Bob? Finding out that Baby Bob is a baby girl.
From the Daily Star: "Baby Bob is portrayed by L’Wren Scoggins, who will turn 1 in April, said her great-grandmother, Jane Sherman. This is L’Wren’s first acting job, and she seems to be successful, as people have expressed shock when the baby’s gender is revealed."

We predict baby-Oscars in the future for baby L’Wren.

Much more Baby Bob talk here before the bowl:Quiznos dusts off Baby Bob


Weird. I wonder why they didn't use a baby boy? Following in Lassie's paw prints maybe. ;)

That's funny, I had forgotten that Lassie was a girl. :)

I can't wait till the baby grows up and sees the commercial. She's so going to hate her parents for this.

Crossdressing babies. My God, the Republicans were right!

From Entertainment Weekly - "Commercial Clout: Grading The Super Bowl Ads - Memo to advertisers: Talking babies are creepy. They have always been creepy. They will always be creepy. We thought Baby Bob had finally vanished alongside his ill-conceived CBS sitcom, but here he is being hit on by an adult and talking up the finer points of turkey subs. Turkey, indeed." Grade: F

Talking transvestite babies are even creepier.

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