Baby you remind me of roadkill


Koalas killed by cars are to be painted a fluorescent red, and left on the side of roads for 24 hours in a "Stephen King-style" shock tactic to make Australian motorists drive more carefully through the marsupials' breeding grounds reports CNN. Shock advertising works? We'll see.

"It might put some people in the shoes of those who have to scrape the koalas off the roads," said Australian Koala Foundation executive director Deborah Tabart.

But not all councillors supported the tactic. "I think leaving dead koalas on the road for 24 hours is going to frighten young children," said councillor Alan Beard.

The shock tactic has been adopted by the Redlands Shire Council in Queensland in the hope of protecting its large koala population. Last year 609 koalas were hit by cars and trucks on the shire's tree-lined roads, and 146 of those died.

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