Back by popular demand


Back by popular demand

Hey! We have the RSS feeds for everything sorted the way you like them now - the full enchilada which means everything posted, always - the commercials only for you video addicts, the Badland posts only and the front page of Adland only.

Also, when you go to the Commercials page or Super Bowl Ads page or Badland page you'll see the most recently posted on top with images and all just like you used to. You asked for it, and I agree it's a much better way to move around.

Also, for the HTML impaired we now have a little helper editor you can turn on when making a post. :)

Thanks adgrunts Sakib and rgs9200 and a whole bunch more who's names escape me right for coming with input that served as carrot to make me sit down and work it out. ;)


Hmmm... Is it only me or are other people having trouble getting their Adland RSS feeds to work as active bookmarks in Firefox?

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