Backtagging the archives. (Wanna help?)


Backtagging the archives. (Wanna help?)

Hey. If you're wondering why I'm a bit quiet recently it's because I'm busy backtagging the archive. the community tags / folksonomies that are on each film, that every logged in adgrunt can contribute to needed some populating when it came to those ancient films from way-back-when. Lots of films don't have any tags, and I set out to fix that.

What am I tagging? Stuff we see in the ad that won't show up in the searches: that is not the brand name nor the product category, or the credits, as all of this is already typed out in other fields and needs no repeating - only stuff we see. Like wedding, dog, anthropomorphic, explosion, stunt, fire, kiss.... and so on.

Here's what the Volkswagen Jetta ad looks like, see the tab that reads "tags"? As a logged in user, you can add your tags to the ad, and contribute to the alternative way of finding commercials here on adland.

Just one of the things that logged in users can do, which anonymous can not.

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